Memories of a Loved One Are Something That Can Be Treasured and Replayed in Your Mind at Will

Emotional energy can bring about a powerful ability to release comfort and ease. Recollections of friends and relatives, if done in a healthy way, can be a peaceful release and powerful flow of reminiscent energy to draw comfort to yourself, during the bleak or sadder times in life. Or, to invoke a memory, or a fleeting moment of pleasure, even if only in your mind; do it for your own selfish pleasure; allow yourself to connect to your more spiritual memories and apply your intellect to remember the lessons or words that gave you happiness in your heart or inner peace in your soul, when you seek it the most.

Relatives and friends are a unique thread, by our emotional connection to them, or in our current life, shared joy and life experiences. I connect more, to my relatives, that were in my environment, as a child, the most. YOU can recognize us, by our bright-red foreheads that we get, when we are feeling flush,or by rosy, red cheeks, that we display when we are feeling feverish or ill. And most of all, by the little sounds and quips, that we utter, or when we repeat something extremely funny that my dad said or did.

When my dad was alive and well, I enjoyed listening to him, telling me jokes, always feeding my mind with wise antidotes and talking about adventures. Dad was a real joker,and would not let a conversation go by without getting you to chuckle and release such loud bursts of laughter that you always had to cover your mouth, with both hands, fearing that your bursts of laughter would bring stares and unwanted attention. In his presence, I really felt loved and treasured. I chuckled and humbly agreed and really do miss being in my dad’s company…

Dad always spoke candidly and honestly to me, that’s probably what I miss the most, the love, honesty and humor of my father. If dad gave you a gleaming look in his eye, you knew that extended laughter would soon ensue.

One day we were out driving on a very busy highway, in route to the airport. When he spoke about the car driving in front of him on the 405 Freeway in California, rush hour after 5:00 P.M on a weekday, you knew that a tale, or comical joke was soon forthcoming. DAD just made me laugh so hard I had to contain my stomach muscles securing a hearty belly laugh, driving in L.A (Los Angeles) traffic, of course, is so bad,infuriating that something comical would usually transpire, we had to make a lane change, because the driver ahead was placing us in danger, I knew my dad would react to the stress, until we got the opportunity to switch to another lane. A man going 35 on the fast lane,was tying up the already congested traffic, during the busy rush hour, so dad would do a much calculated, methodical, yet quick lane change, and get in front of this slow driver and start driving 10 miles per hour.( Not at all what I expected him to do), I said dad, “that was terrible,” and dad said,” I know, but there are bad drivers like that – that don’t belong on the busy freeway, or anywhere, and sometimes ya just gotta laugh about life, and make a stressful situation fun!” “Gotta let things Go,” Hurt no one, and laugh at silly things that are outta your control!”

That’s what I miss the most in my life, having a really cool dad! LOVE YOU DAD.. He would never laugh at me when I presented him with my hand-written songs and poetry. Everyone has a friend or relative that they resonate with on a higher level of spiritual intellect and understanding. There are so many opportunities to share your truth and powerful, energy exchange if you take the time to discover the people that surround you, or are open, and willing to allow yourself to get to know them better.

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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