Father, An Energy Tonic

When I speak of father, all I think about is a strong man who is the head of the family and is all the time concern about the family member and provides all the necessary support that every family requires.

A role model, a good friend, a brother, a leader, a loving Dad, this is how I describe my FATHER. Tall, striking, high-spirited, joyful and having a strong personality always wear a pleasant smile on his face, I wonder where does he get all that energy to keep himself active all the time. A very helpful and friendly nature makes him special. A financial adviser and a protector always on his toes and a better coach like every other father he is very caring and concern about his daughters. A father’s daughter’s affection is the most livable in the world.

I always remember his precious advice that he gave us time to time while were growing up. They were truly very useful for us even today, we always found him in our back giving us all the moral support. My mother told me that when I was born everybody was shocked, oh! It’s a daughter again. How nice if it would be a son.

These were some words of my father’s friends and associations. My father held me carefully and hugged me tight and answered them, my first daughter is my heart and she is my soul. I am lucky to have two pretty angels at my home. I had an elder sister who has been one year elder to me. He kissed our forehead and blessed us with all the happiness.

One day, when I was in class five my teacher beat me up for not finishing my homework. I was all in tears and complained to my father as soon as I reached home. How could a teacher hit me in front the class? I shall never go to the school. It was a minor thing, but for me it was her rudeness towards me in front of the class. It was my mistake in not completing the work.

That day my father gave me some advice on how to deal with the problems.

His words were; you are a girl, and girls are always strong and firm on whatever they do.

First find out our own mistakes, then blame others.

Believe in you, have self-confidence.

World has full of obstacles, try to overcome all the obstacles one by one.

Learn through your experience.

The world is not worth crying for and never let others cry.

Give respect and get respect.

Always help the people at the time of calamity.

Respect elders and obey them.

Have sympathy towards animals and needy or poor’s.

Enjoy everything good food, cloths, friends, traveling and learning new things.

Educate yourself and others.

Learn through nature, surroundings and elders.

Knowledge is the most valued thing that no one can steal or take away from you.

Live life and let others live.

Take care of your health and others too.

Have faith in God and idealist thinking.

I and my elder sister were friendly to our father; we never felt left alone and were supported by him.

He motivated us in sports and other educational activities.

Today, enjoying success in our life we (I and my sister) take the advice of our father in every mode of life.

Now it’s my children’s turn to gain knowledge from him.

My words fall short to thank for everything he gave us.

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